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Our Proposals

IGas is bringing forward plans to deliver hydrogen generation systems at two existing sites in Surrey. The first is proposed for the Albury wellsite, located in dense woodland in Albury Park, within the boundaries of the existing IGas site. The second is proposed for the Bletchingley Central wellsite, located to the west of Tilburstow Hill Road, South Godstone within the boundaries of the existing IGas site.

The hydrogen will be created through a process called Steam Methane Reformation (SMR). This process involves the methane produced at the site being fed directly into a purpose-built generator to create hydrogen. More information about this process can be found on The Process page.

Hydrogen produced at the site will be ultra-pure, and capable of being used in electrical fuel cells within vehicles (typically HGVs, trucks and buses); displacing the diesel which would otherwise have been used for fuel.  The overall environmental emissions (even accounting for the CO2 released as part of the SMR process) are reduced and along with no diesel-combustion-related bi-products of NOx, SOx, or other harmful particulates, constitute a significant environmental improvement.  

For every litre of petrol or diesel displaced from the transport system (approximately the amount a typical car might use to drive 6 miles) c.3kg of COis taken out of the air.

By delivering this scheme, we will be contributing towards developing a clean fuel industry which is not dependent on petrol and diesel. We believe that providing a locally produced source of ultra-pure hydrogen will help to stimulate the use of this cleaner, alternative fuel.

Public Consultation

IGas works in consultation with local people, to ensure transparency and understanding of our operations. Before submitting planning applications to Surrey County Council, we are keen to hear your views. We are running a public consultation until Friday 2nd July and we are inviting feedback on the proposals in a variety of ways until this time. This includes via the Virtual Exhibition which can be accessed here. 

To find out more about how to have your say, please visit the Your Views page. Your feedback is important to us, so please take the time to view the information on this website before sharing your thoughts.

Who Are We?

IGas Energy plc is a British company, listed on the Alternative Investment Market of the London Stock Exchange.  Our purpose is to provide energy needed today while building a better world of energy for tomorrow; our vision is to be a leading energy company in a net zero world.

IGas has an existing onshore oil and gas exploration and production business, holding a portfolio of production and exploration assets in England.  The business has more than thirty years’ experience of successfully and safely extracting and producing hydrocarbons onshore in the UK.

IGas is committed to the environment and providing safe and healthy working conditions for its’ employees and contractors. We are also committed to maintaining close and responsive relationships with the communities in which we operate and we have a long track record of engaging with local residents.